Morocco is importing 94% of energy as fossil fuels from abroad and by 2020 the 42% of its electricity will come for its own renewable energy. This is how the world powers will be created, being able to develop its own energy resources and the shining point is to respect the environment with clean energy. Morocco is showing to the world that a country can evolve fast and consciously respecting the Clean energy agreements (Paris 2015 meeting COP21). Now Morocco is importing the 94% of fossil fuels from abroad but in Ouarzazate, the kingdom is erecting the superpower engine that will provide energy freedom to the country. Now NOOR 1 is a reality when the first phase became operational in late 2015 and generates 160MW. Is now when ACWA Power is constructing in the NOOR II and NOOR III, expected to be commercial operational in late 2017 to generate 350MW more. Morocco will complete the PV plant with the addition of NOOR IV and the whole complex will produce 580 MW of electricity. These numbers are the result of an energy clean policy that concludes with the saving of 930.000 tons of CO2 and a million homes with electricity. Morocco is an example of success that demostrates the benefits of inclusive growth models, allowing companies from other nations to invest in emerging markets and pushing for the economic development and the social wellbeing of communities and nations. Grupo Fergon is proud to be part of business confidence ACWA Power and