Boilermaking – Assembly

Precision and exactitude

FERGON Group manufactures and develops every boilermaking part needed by the industry, in addition to special made-to-order parts.

  • Silos, tanks, hoppers, sieves, filters
  • Industrial piping
  • Support structures
  • Conveyor belts
  • Oil piping parts
  • Foundation structures for tanks
  • Clamps
  • Part bending
  • Pneumatic conveyance

We handle the planning, execution, assembly and installation of boiler parts and industrial systems after they are manufactured. We manage turnkey projects. We have qualified accredited personnel, all specialists in different installation and assembly techniques. Ours are dynamic companies, capable of handling installations at any site.

FERGON is one of the most trusted group in the market, precise and committed to the accurate progression of our clients’ projects. All of our services are regulated by processes to meet installation deadlines and ensure safety, quality and environmental standards.